Domarpresentation ParsonSpecialen 2010

Cass Samways är domare för Parsonspecialen 2010.
Här presenterar hon sig själv inför ParsonSpecialen 14-15 augusti;

I have shared much of my life since childhood with terriers when a Cairn Terrier joined the family circle.  During my student days it was impossible to keep a lively terrier living in London until, in 1979, a change of circumstances saw the arrival of my first Russell, a bitch, from the West Kent Hunt. Later three of her progeny were listed on the Foundation Register when the UK Kennel Club finally recognised the Parson (Jack) Russell Terrier in 1990 as a variant of the fox terrier.

There are 12 PRTs in the Cassacre Kennel aged from 4 months to 14 years along with 4 Deerhounds. I am currently campaigning Saucy Nancy Cassacre and l hope that one of the PRT youngsters currently in the nest will join her in the show ring during the summer.

I began judging in the early 90s, awarded my first set of PRT CCs in 2000 and was honoured to judge the breed at Crufts in 2009. I have been actively involved with the PRT Club Committee since the early years following recognition. I am currently Club Vice Chairman and amongst other things I am responsible for updating the club’s website, responding to enquiries it generates and from time to time manage PRT Club shows.

Best wishes,
Cass Samways