Vår domare på Parsonspecialen 2014 – Mr Geoff Burnhill

Mr Geoff Burnhill
I am honoured to judge your show and look forward to it. I think I should give you a bit of my back ground. I am now a gamekeeper for a Pheasant and Partridge shoot with Vermin and Fox Control.

I have four PRT that work to ground. Before I became a Gamekeeper I was a Professional Terrierman. I worked for some of the top hunts in this area, till the hunt ban came in.

I have only ever owned PRT’s and have hunted them for many years, we start each year in August and finish at the end of this month we do two days a week depending that there is no live firing on the Ranges so that’s about it, hope it helps in some way. I have judged in Europe USA and Canada so I understand the way shows are run there and in Sweden.

Geoff Burnhill